11 Property Features that are Popular with Tenants

For those fortunate enough to have extra properties to rent out, the most important thing to consider is how to make them as attractive as possible to potential tenants. When looking at Moovahome or another established site, it is obvious that all the most popular properties have several attributes in common. These things make them more desirable than other properties at similar price ranges. These 11 features make properties stand out to tenants.


Natural light is one of the most positive attributes of a property. Naturally lit spaces feel larger, more open and even when people are not consciously looking for it, natural lighting never ceases to draw people in.


When looking around, tenants imagine themselves living in the spaces they see. Part of this involves envisioning their positions filling the available spaces. To facilitate this, keep the design as clean and minimalist as possible so that tenants only think about what they want to add and not what they need to remove.

Local Transport Links

You cannot change this but tenants like to live in spaces with easy access to public transportation. If you are fortunate enough to own a property on a major bus link, near a subway stop and a reasonable distance from an airport then you are at a distinct advantage to the competition.

Local Amenities

Each tenant has their own priorities and requirements and things like the availability and reputation of nearby schools can make a big difference. More generally, people like to have access to amenities like supermarkets, doctor’s surgeries, dentists, restaurants, cafes and any number of other things. The more local variety there is, the better.

Outdoor Space

A property is defined jut as much by the space that surrounds it as what is inside it. Large gardens, patios or decking are all seen as beneficial spaces and added luxuries that make life much more pleasant. Even something as simple as a lawn is a major selling point. This is especially true for families that have children or if your property allows pets.

Storage Space

People need space to put their stuff and the more there is, the better. This does not mean you should cover your property in shelves, cabinets and cupboards but you need to make the most of what is already there. People need to easily see that there is space for everything they consider essential that they are bringing from their last home. However, a balance must be found to maintain a minimalist look so that space does not feel cluttered or chaotic.

High-Speed Internet

The Internet is now essential for modern living. Every tenant will be connected in some way and they are going to care about the type of broadband available to them. High-speed connections like fibre optics make a huge difference in standing out from the competition since most people have high data requirements due to services like streaming and gaming.