9 Great Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Whether in a three-bed semi housing a growing family, or in cramped student bedsit accommodation, trying to organise sufficient storage space in a small bedroom is always problematic. When floor space is tight, maximum use has to be made of what else is available. Here are nine great ideas to provide some extra storage whether the occupant is eight, eighteen, or eighty.

Plan your project

Using a couple of sheets of graph paper. Draw the room’s outline, adding windows and door plus any alcoves or chimney breast. Plan where you want to put the main pieces of furniture, the bed and the wardrobe. Once you know exactly where they are going, you can work on the rest.

Under bed storage

Divan beds with under bed drawers, are always a favourite in those smaller bedrooms. Take that a step further. Build a bed frame around three-feet high. With the added height, you can choose to add cupboards, drawers, or a mixture of both to provide substantial under bed storage.

Top boxes

Those boxes you can buy for storing extra bedding, or the kids toys, can be put to good use as top boxes. Add a couple of strengthening strips to the base, and screw them above your bed with the lids hanging downwards.

Wardrobe storage

If the room already has a fitted or contemporary stand-alone wardrobe, you often find you have to reposition the bed, to allow the wardrobe doors to open properly. Consider removing the standard doors, and adding sliding wardrobe doors. Using sliding doors, you just need enough walking space, to be able to fully access your wardrobe.

Make your wardrobe more versatile

If your wardrobe is just one big space with a hanging rail, stand a small three or four drawer cabinet in one corner, for tee-shirts, socks, vests or underwear.

Purpose made seating

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window, comfortable bench seating with extra storage, can be quickly and easily constructed. Using 2”x 2” for the frame, ½” ply for the seat and backrest, and thick cushions stapled to the seat and back. The seat can be removable for storage access, or fixed, with built in drawers added under the seat.

Shelving and corner shelving

When you can’t use the floor use the walls. Shelving comes in all lengths, depths, and thicknesses. It can be used to store books or box files, or display ornaments. Shelves can also be used to provide a feature area of the room. Consider three or four corner shelves fitted above each other, holding pots of cascading indoor trailing plants, and lit by a coloured overhead spotlight.

Hanging pigeon hole units

If your laptop and screen take up all the space on your small table, consider hanging a pigeon hole unit above it, for all your work or study items, memory sticks and other office paraphernalia.

Hanging drawers:

Lightweight and easily stored, they just need one screw or nail in the wall and are great for light items of clothing, fashion accessories, or make-up.

Coat hangers

Don’t forget your outside coats and jackets need to be stored somewhere, and the back of the door is still the best place. A strip of four or six hangers are easier to fit and more attractive that a number of single coat hooks.

With a little forethought and planning, you can provide that small bedroom with more storage than you ever thought possible. By using under bed storage, top boxes and sliding wardrobe doors, shelving, and hanging drawers, you can provide an aesthetically pleasing, and uncluttered, room in which to live.