Orange Is The New Black For Summer Fashion 2019

Titian, tangerine, peach, apricot or coral – call it what you will – there can be little doubt that orange is the tone of choice for many women during the summer season this year. Okay, so there are other colour choices that are going to be made, but it is orange that is by far the most chic, as we have already seen from numerous designers. High street stockists have been fast to pick up on the trend and you can expect a good deal of carrot-coloured clothing to be in stores and online throughout the summer. Indeed, for any self-respecting fahionista, it may be much more a question of finding something suitable in stock that is in the colour of the season, than anything else because orange apparel is already flying off the shelves in great quantities.

The Orange Revolution

A bold colour, orange has long been favoured by designers but only, it should be said, in terms of detailing here or there. 2019’s summer trend is for entire garments to be made out of this single, vibrant hue. The likes of Altuzarra and Paul Smith have used it extensively in recent collections. Prabal Gurung is also among the very extensive group of fashion designers who have identified the power of cantaloupe colourings and other zesty tones as the shade of the summer. For instance, Gurung opened one of his shows with a group of Buddhist monks in full orange regalia to literally set the tone for what was to come on the catwalk.

Colour Clashes – Colour Complements

Many a chic dresser will know that one of the problems with orange is that it will so easily clash with other colours. However, a daring approach to complementary tones is all the rage this year. Take a look at the blue and orange combinations which have been revealed in harmony by the likes of Jil Sander or Victoria Beckham recently. Paul Smith has also shown what can be achieved by deliberately clashing together blocks of scarlet and turquoise against orange – and who would have thought that even a few years ago? Altuzarra has also got on board, perhaps in an attempt to adapt the tones of his Basque heritage for the coming season, with a number of deeply appealing burnt orange and intense vermilion colour clashes. So, if you think that you can’t wear blocks of orange because of the colouring in the rest of your wardrobe, then think again! You will perhaps be surprised at how daring you can be with orange – something that was, for many, a no go area for years.

Affordable Orange Outfits

Of course, where the leading designers choose to go is soon picked up on for the retail market and this summer’s orange obsession is no exception. For instance, you can see the see the likes of V by Very reproducing the blue/orange trend in their exceptionally pretty orange ditsy floral print culottes. Alternatively, check out their use of brightly zesty tangerine tones in products like their frayed hem skinny jeans or their colour-blocked jersey blazer with a cute nipped-in waist. There are plenty of other examples of the way orange has reached the business end of the fashion trade – all of it bright, daring and very much of the moment. This sunshine palette is likely to last right through to autumnal collections and beyond. When putting together a hyper-chic outfit for a summertime get together, try coordinating your look with some apricot lipstick or eye shadow or even investing in a brightly coloured handbag and shoes. So long as they are orange, you can’t go wrong.